Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 3 Minute Microphone

Have you ever had two crazy three year old rock stars running around your house in dire need of a microphone?

That was what our house looked like yesterday morning. My son couldn't find his usual microphone (a glowstick on a string), so we had an emergency situation.

I clawed through my recycled materials cupboard (Do you have one? It is the one where cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls fall out every time I open it)

Ah! I averted disaster by creating this microphone in like 3 minutes flat.

Materials Needed: ball of foil, painters tape, cardstock or construction paper (I prefer black... I only had navy), clear tape, and some yarn (we used brown... I would've preferred black)

1. Have the kids help make the foil into a ball. Keep going until you think it is big enough.

2. Cut the paper to fit around the toilet paper roll. Tape it around the roll to cover it (unless you want a brown microphone).

3. Tape the foil ball to the top of the base using painters tape. I liked the tape because it added some color. You could also use electrical tape (though painters tape doesn't rip the cardstock).

4. Cut a piece of yarn of string for the bottom and stick it inside the microphone. The yarn part is what "sends" the audio signal. ;)

This isn't a perfect tutorial. The foil ball came off once. I attached another small piece of foil to the top, over the "ball of foil" and then taped that to the top of the toilet roll that helped secure it better. I should've snapped a photo of it but I was having too much fun watching the rock stars perform.

Do you have any of these Paper Jamz guitars?

The guitars are awesome (we have 5 of them). They are the perfect gift for your budding rock star because they play fun music, are light to hold (they are super thin), and there is an off button! ;)

A Paper Jamz guitar plus our 3 minute microphone makes for an fun morning filled with rocking out.


  1. Love this! Shared a pin/link here

  2. ok, you just made 3 littles day for me ... and yes, my tubes & boxes fall out every. single. time!

  3. Just made the microphones for my boys (ages 3 1/2 and 2 years old) - they LOVE them! Thank you for the awesome idea. Now instead of using flashlights, they have microphones to sing and dance along with the Fresh Beat Band!


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