Monday, October 31, 2011

Witches and Warlocks Party

I loved this idea of a {Good} Witch Tea Party that I saw over at Tater Tots and Jello... so when I decided to throw an impromptu Halloween get-together today, I knew just where to go and get some inspiration.

Since my witches/warlocks were aged 11 months - almost 4 years old, I tweaked the activities and snacks a bit and we partied all morning long! 

For kids parties I like to have...

1. A cute and simple craft (or two)- involving paint usually makes it an automatic hit!
2. Delicious treats that are fun to make
3. A semi healthy snack
4. Some quality children's books centered on the party theme
4. Lots of opportunities for movement that are semi-structured and open-ended (But not required! I hate to see parents forcing their kids to participate. I have tried that once or twice. It is not a pretty sight!)

Here's what we created today at our party...

Mummy Juice Boxes-  The kids wrapped white masking tape around the juice boxes and then used Elmer's glue to add some googly eyes. We set them aside to dry while we made our snacks!

Witch Hat Drip Paintings- Have you seen the drip painting pumpkin masterpieces over at The Imagination Tree yet? We basically just made some witch hats and did the same thing. Tatertots and Jello has some good witch hat printables, or you can make your own. The kids used puffy paint to design their hats.

I used tape to adhere the hats to the bases. The hats are fun to look at... but adding globs of paint was seriously awesome. The process was the best part of this project.

Mummy Hot Dogs-  The kids loved using the slippery, gooey dough to wrap up their hot dogs and turn them into mummies. 

Pumpkin Pizzas- they also used dough and some pre-cut cheese eyes/noses/mouthes to design some jack-o-lantern pizzas.

Some of the mummies broke out of their wraps once they were cooked!

But boy were they fun to eat!

Witch Hats and Broom sticks- The hats were made from Hershey's kisses, mint green frosting, and Keebler fudge striped cookies. Yum! The brooms were just pretzel sticks and peanut butter cups. Double yum!  

These broom sticks and hats flew out of sight and right into little mouthes pretty quickly!

The mummy juice helped wash it all down!

While we ate we read The Five Little Pumpkins and part of The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat.

We played...

Feed the Monster- by rolling the ball through the monster's mouth

Spooky Toss- by throwing the bean bags onto the spooky creatures!

Pumpkin Ball drop- by tossing the little balls into the buckets.

Overall I think our little spur of the moment party was a success! The kids had fun and so did I.

Did you go to (or throw) any Halloween parties this weekend? What do you think makes kid's parties successful?

None of these ideas are really original, most are pinned on on my Pinterest boards... so if you want more detail regarding some of these activities, head over there. Pinterest sure makes it easy to find cute ideas quickly!


  1. great party! loved all you food & snack ideas and the fact that the kids were a hands-on part of making them! Thanks for sharing w/me!


  2. What fun you had! I think it's definitely important to not try and force a child to participate. At my daughters birthday party last week, one girl didn't want much to do with some of the games. She eventually came around on her own, but sometimes I think she just wanted to watch. I think the best thing you can do is over plan to have something to fall back on in case no one is interested. Thanks for sharing this on Monday Madness!

  3. Lots of fun food and play ideas here! Love it. I love the mummy made juice boxes. That is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing at Monday Madness. Hope to see you back again tomorrow.


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