Monday, October 3, 2011

Window Cling Tangrams

If you haven't grabbed some of these window clings in the Target $1 aisle (or elsewhere)... run and get them right now!

We are having so much fun with them. They also have pumpkins and apples and other Fall designs... but these mostly triangle shaped ones are my favorite.

Materials Needed: colored white board markers, a large window, and window clings


1. Draw an image on the window with white board markers. (I started simple by actually outlining each small shape required to make the big shape... for older kids or kids with more experience you can just draw the big shape and let them figure it out(.

2. Start creating your shape using the window clings. Can you tell that the one above is a volcano?

The simplest shapes were large rectangles and squares that my little guy had to fill with the triangles. We also created other fun shapes and he even drew several of his own images with the white board marker and then tried to fill the shapes with window clings.

This activity occupied several hours yesterday and today. It is fun with friends, parents, or for kids to do all alone.

We are also using the pumpkin and apple ones to make Fall scenes with the help of our white board markers.

How did I seriously never think to write on a window with a white board marker before? It is so fun!

What else have you made with window clings or white board markers on windows? 

PS- We also discovered if you throw balls of tissue paper at the window clings once they are stuck to the window, the tissue paper sticks to the window too! Ahh... that provided many more hours of fun! I think I get more excited exploring new materials than my son does!!


  1. I LOVE tangrams and I LOVE the idea of having some for the window. How pretty do they look in the sun. Wonderful!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. These are great, I love tangrams as well. And now I have a reason to go check out the dollar spot at Target. Thanks for linking up to Monday Madness.

  3. I love this! So fun. I didn't know you could use white board markers on the window!!! What a great tip. thanks.

  4. This is so brilliant! And I love that you found them while digging around in the dollar bins - such a treasure trove of wonder! Thank you for inviting me over here to your amazing world of fun!


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