Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Blog Share

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as I am! I am relaxing in beautiful Vermont enjoying the last little bits of gorgeous Fall foliage. After a fun day of exploring and eating too many treats, I thought I'd share two more of my favorite blogs before I hit the sack.


Deep Space Sparkle is full of art inspiration! I especially love the kindergarten projects because I can sometimes adapt them to work perfectly for my little preschooler. Patty's recent painted pumpkin funny face project has been one of my favorites. Her blog is full of art project ideas for kids K-6. Every time I stop by her website I wish that I was still teaching 2nd grade... and sometimes I just go recruit older kids to come to my house so that I can try the projects with them! Definitely check out her blog!

I have an extra soft spot for Imagination Soup this week because not only do I love all of Melissa's great ideas, I actually won one of her recent giveaways (which never happens to me)... so it totally made my week! Imagination Soup just got nominated as one of the Top Teacher Mom Blogs and is full of playful ideas to make learning fun for kids ages 3-10. I especially love Melissa's preschool posts and book lists. She recently shared her fabulous post on Wordless Picture Books to Love in our Best of October Link up. Definitely check out her site, her wordless picture book list, and the comments... because many of her readers also passed along some more great ideas. You will be amazed at the wealth of info you'll find on her site.

Alright... off to get back to enjoying the peace and quiet of my girls trip. 

Make sure to share your favorite posts at our Best of October Link Up if you get a second!! I am having so much fun checking them out!! You are all so creative!!


PS- If you attempted to link up and put my link up button on your blog... here's the correct HTML code. The code I posted last week was a disaster. LOL! So, here's the real deal... and I also changed it on my link up page (Thanks Jamie- my fabulous HTML helper! :)).


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