Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Blog Share

I've decided that it is not physically possible for me to keep up with all of the creative blogs that I find and still be a balanced person... so I am really enjoying just trying to find a few new ones each week to explore or revisit. Sometimes I'll read a blog for awhile and then I'll stop reading it because it goes a week or two with posts about things I'm not really that interested in... and then I'll remember about it and start reading it again. I love the constant stimulation from so many inspiring people!

This week I have two great blogs to share with you. I'm getting ready for our first Mommy & Me Book Club meeting tomorrow, so I thought I'd just share two blogs instead of none... since I got distracted with watching TV with my husband and still have too much to do :) I'd love to hear any recommendations from you, so feel free to comment with your favorites. I always love checking out new sites.

Teach Mama- Wow! Some of you have recommended this site to me and I love it. Thank you! I especially love Amy's series on Read Aloud Learning. She has so many great read aloud tips and strategies to share with parents that are simple. I highly recommend you click on over to her website and spend several hours just absorbing some of the amazing ideas.

Creative with Kids- This is wonderful site that shares ideas about nurturing creativity. I'm especially excited about Alissa's series called Creativity Solutions for Moms. This week's post shared a video that I loved about how sometimes the ideas we have that are obvious to us, are amazing to others. Alissa's list of Sensory Integration Ideas for Preschoolers is also a great resource.

I hope you take a second to check these out.

I also came across this inspiring video this weekend. You MUST watch it. The way you think about your kids and the families around you will be changed. It is beautiful. An amazing tribute by a father who is fighting for his daughter.

Have a great Sunday night!

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