Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Re Post: Letters to the Great Pumpkin

Being part of the blogging community often turns your focus to creating/finding new ideas and experiences to share with your readers.  Yet our children (the motivation behind this blog) relish in traditions, routines and like/need to repeat the same activities over and over again.  Today I decided to re post a tradition we started last year after we watched "The Great Pumpkin".

After watching "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" a few nights ago - I thought it would be fun to have my daughter write a letter to "The Great Pumpkin".  Because she is not writing anything beyond her name at this point in time, I just had her write "letters" (whatever letter, and however many she wanted, all over the page) to the Great Pumpkin.

In turn, the Great Pumpkin brought her a gift the following day . . .

Yep, a shiny new toothbrush (apparently the Great Pumpkin strongly believes in Dental Hygiene).

If your child is too small to write letters, another option would be to cut out letters from magazines and have them paste the letters on a page.

We liked using this pumpkin shaped lined paper, but you could easily make your own pumpkin shaped paper for this activity.

We're planning on doing this activity later this week (It's The Great Pumpkin airs on ABC this Thursday at 8pm E.T.).  This year with my 4 year old, we're actually going to write words (Halloween themed sight words) instead of just letters, but will keep it simply "letters" with my 2 year old.

Do you have any fun non-candy Halloween traditions?

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  1. Love this idea and loving the Pooh toothbrush! My little one would be thrilled with that as a treat!

    Happy Halloween!



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