Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quick Challenge: Leaf Patterns

My son and his friends always love to run around making lots of noise when my daughter is napping... so I usually either send them outside or come up with a little challenge for them.

This week we worked on strengthening our finger muscles and developing fine motor skills while making leaf patterns with clothespins.  

Materials Needed: yarn, scissors, clothespins, some foam stickers/other objects to hang

I love simple activities that require little to no effort on my part and keep kids engaged and having fun for awhile... this was one of those sort of activities.


1. Tie yarn from one chair to another chair to make a clothesline for each child.

2. Give them a bowl of objects and clothespins and suggest a challenge... or have them come up with their own.

Our challenge was to make a pattern. It was simple, open-ended, and kept the kids focused for awhile.

While we created we loved...

- talking about our patterns
- talking about the colors and shapes and types of objects we were using
- working on building our finger muscles by pinching the clothespins
- working on coordination while we pinch and hold the object up to the clothespin at the same time... it is tricky!

Do you have a favorite patterning activity that is simple and easy? Please share it!


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