Monday, October 17, 2011

Purple People Eater

We've been singing Halloween songs in our car since the last week of September. Even my little 10 month old loves to clap along to the music. Purple People Eater is the one that gets stuck in my head the most... so we decided to try making our own. 

Skills I wanted to embed in the activity included punching with a hole punch and snipping with scissors... since I'm trying to get my little guy to strengthen his finger muscles!

Materials Needed: Pencil, colored paper, glue, scissors, hole puncher, ultimate fuzzy kit (or pipe cleaners and googly eyes), painter's tape, and do-a-dot markers.

1. Draw your monster and cut it out.

2. Add painter's tape on top. Don't ask me why it ended up looking like the Union Jack... but the lines totally remind me of that.

3. Paint!

4. Let the paint dry and then pull off the tape.

5. While paint is drying, punch some colored paper.

6. Use glue to add your punches onto your monster.

7. Add some googly eyes! We didn't set a limit and just kept gluing them on!

8. Add some fuzzy stick legs and antennae if you wish. We taped them on and hid the tape under the monster... since I don't have luck with glue and pipe cleaners lately.

9. Add a mouth with some chompers! The Purple People Eater can't eat any people if he doesn't have a mouth!

10. Display or run around the house dancing and singing Purple People Eater with your monster.

While we created we loved...

- talking about and counting how many eyes we were putting onto our monsters
- describing our monster's teeth (my little guy said his looked like silly legs)
- touching the fuzzy sticks and describing how they felt
- talking about the different sizes of googly eyes and the different sized glue dots we need to make to fit each googly eye
- exercising our finger muscles by punching and snipping and pulling(tape)
- talking about the body parts that the Purple People Eater needed- antennae and legs were a must for my little guy... notice mine is just floating in the air :) He can fly.

If you made a Purple People Eater, what would yours look like?

Thanks again to for providing us with several awesome crafting supplies that we could use with this project.


  1. This craft turned out so cute! And I also wanted to say that his pencil grip is perfect! I still have to remind R constantly, and it mostly looks awkward. Do you have any tips?

    I also thought I'd share an autumn art activity that we did earlier today. I hope you dont mind. It's super easy and a ton of fun, and I really think you all would like it. R was thrilled with it. It's called Chuckin' Pumpkin Painting and here's the link.

  2. He is super cute! The eyeballs are such fun@

  3. Such a great activity, will share on my wall.
    Lovely greetings, Angelique

  4. We were just playing the Sounds of the Seasons channel on our TV and that song came on! Such a fun craft! They look great. Thanks for linking this up to Monstrously Creative Saturday!
    Mandi at BBM

  5. What a fun craft! I particularly like step #10! :-)

  6. Love those cute little monsters!! Thanks for linking up to Living Life Intentionaly LInky Party!

  7. So many great art activities in one project. I loved each step. Did he use bingo dots for the painting part? What a great monster! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness. Hope you come back again tomorrow!

  8. Laura- yes, he used the do-a-dot markers. love them! thanks for stopping by :) i'll link up tomorrow!

  9. I love your purple people eaters - seriously my daughter has been singing this song non-stop the last two weeks. I pulled out some supplies this week to do this and had them sitting on the counter (after seeing your post) and 2 of my girls started making them without my knowledge. I am going to post about it later this week, but for now I will be featuring your people eaters this week on Monday Madness.

  10. Just posted about this on Craft Gossip! I love the vivid Purple colors, and the tape pattern unique and cute:)


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