Sunday, October 30, 2011

Name Pumpkin Spelling Hunt

This morning we did a Name Pumpkin Spelling Hunt

Try saying that three times in a row. :) 

My husband was Mr. Mom for a full week while I partied on a girls trip to Vermont. I figured he deserved a morning to sleep in while I kept the kiddos entertained. This was what we ended up doing to keep ourselves happy while we waited for Mr. Mom to wake up and make us his delicious Sunday pancakes.

Things my little guy wanted to do:
- work on spelling/writing his name
- go on a hunt

Materials Needed: foam pumpkins, sharpies, large drawing paper, clothespins, and a clothesline

1. Write the letters of your child's name on the pumpkins. One letter per pumpkin.

2. Hide them around the room.

3. Have your child come clip the letter pumpkins onto his clothesline (spelling his name) once he finds them. Our clothesline was yarn tied between two chairs.

4. Hide the pumpkins again. While your child is searching, draw some quick pumpkins on a large sheet of drawing paper. I drew six pumpkins since my son's name has six letters in it.

5. As your child finds the pumpkins, have him put them in order to spell his name.

6. Once he's done ordering the foam pumpkins, he can write his own name on the large drawing paper pumpkins all by himself!

I love having my son use the foam pumpkin letters as his model. I try to just let him explore writing his name and don't give him instruction. Occasionally I start using the little reminders I learned when I was teaching my students Handwriting without Tears... but mostly I just try to observe and let the little guy have fun. 

Spelling plus a pumpkin hunt made for a great morning!!

Do you have any favorite Halloween spelling activities that you like to do?

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  1. Thankyou for the pumpkin spelling idea! I work with children who have Downs Syndrome. They really enjoyed the activity and it certainly helped with their learning.


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