Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloween Candy Sorting

My twin sister Elise's favorite thing about Fall is her homemade candy mix- candy corn, Fall M&Ms, and candy pumpkins. She was excited when she saw EJ's Autumn Mix Candy Sequencing activity the other day and wanted to try it out with her little two-year-old. 

Unfortunately, her printer was broken, so instead she decided to use some post-its, markers, and plastic cups and make a Halloween candy sorting activity.

My adorable little niece had so much fun looking at the different candies and deciding where to put them. Elise's visuals were simple and perfect. I think sometimes as moms who spend our days scanning Pinterest and other crafty blogs, we think that the activities we do need to have fancy visuals... when really many of the most fun projects are put together quickly and simply like this one.

Elise worked on the basic concept of same/different with her daughter and they described each object as they explored. This is a great time to talk about colors, shapes, and maybe tastes? :) (my favorite sense)

If your child is ready for it, you can also practice counting the objects in each cup once they are sorted or even graph them.

What other things do you like to sort in the Fall?

Thanks for sharing your yummy activity Elise!!

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