Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ghost Expressions/Emotions Matching

We have been working on expressing and identifying our emotions a lot lately (especially since we have been experiencing some new tantrums with a 2 year old boy who lives in this household). 

Can't remember where I saw this idea, but thought that creating and playing a simple "ghost emotion matching game" would help attach words to emotions and create a platform to talk about how we can positively express those emotions.

I cut out several ghosts and drew faces on them.  Before starting, we identified each of the emotions and acted them out.  The first time we played, we left the ghosts face up - again, talking about each emotion as we found a match.  After that, we flipped the cards over and played memory the traditional way. 

What are some effective ways you teach and talk about emotions?

If you'd like to play and don't want to draw your own faces, I've created a "ghost expressions/emotions template" for you to download here.

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