Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Color Changing Ghost Story

Are you familiar with the "Color Changing Ghost" (or sometimes know as the "Chocolate Chip Ghost) story?  I've seen several variations, but all of them share the same concept in that the ghosts in the story are only to eat white foods - it is when they experiment with other foods that they learn why, and end up turning the color of the food they ate.  To change back to white, they either receive medicine or have to follow a diet of strictly white foods.  This story is not only fun for Halloween, but also gives you an opportunity to teach colors, and talk about obedience and consequences.

I planned on using the ideas for this story using painted rocks and Halloween candy here on La-de-la-de-da, this one using Popsicle sticks here at The Doodle Girl, or a felt finger puppet version found here.  I even thought it would be fun to have all of the corresponding foods prepared as our snack.  However, I had a little girl itching to do a project and hear the story, so we came up with a makeshift version which she helped create.

I told her the story first, so she understood what the ghosts were to look like.  We used our "emotional ghosts" and painted on the blank side.  My daughter came up with her own set of foods that the ghosts ate and painted them the corresponding color (without any help from me).  She LOVED that I gave her this creative freedom, it seemed to make the story more "her own" & we acted it out several times throughout the day. 

As much as I wanted to create a perfect, cutesy set of ghosts for this story - I'm glad it didn't work out the way I had planned it to.  It also ended up being a lot less work!

[I did notice that there is a Chocolate Chip Ghost book in print, but have not yet read it - have any of you?]

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