Saturday, September 17, 2011

Silly Magnet Monsters

Yesterday I saw this amazing idea here (MAGNET PAINTING!)... which it seems is super popular amongst the preschool teacher crowd... yet I had never thought of it! (maybe that's why I'm not a preschool teacher? ;)) I love it when I learn about a new (to me) idea. I was so excited about it that I had to try it out tonight... you know, just to work out the kinks and make sure it was something my little guy could do (wink. wink... in reality, I was just too excited to wait till tomorrow). 

I combined a few of my current favorite things to make this project...

- plastic baby food container lids (LOVE them... my husband HATES them because they are taking over all of our drawers... so I promised him I would create something with them ASAP).
- wiggly eyes (part of our crafty stash from

Other materials needed included:
- paint 
- krazy glue
- paper
- paper cutter
- Elmers rubber cement

1. Measure our your baby food container jars (inside part)- this will be a prep-ahead adult job when I do this with my little guy.

2. Cut paper to fit (this will also be an adult job)

3. Glue the paper inside the lid with rubber cement (leaves the paper smoother)- this could be an adult or kid job.

4. Drop one magnetic button in paint.

5. Stick the magnetic button on the paper and then hold another magnetic object underneath the lid (we just held a big chunk of magnetic buttons)... and start moving the magnet around!

6. Keep dipping the magnetic button in paint again and again and then move it around and around with the other magnets until your paper is just the way you want it. Then let the paint dry.

7. Glue some wiggly eyes and anything else you want to to the monster. I neglected a mouth. :) My monster must not like eating... or maybe he eats with his antennas? I did glue on some fuzzy stick antennas.

8. Finish the project by gluing a magnetic button on the back with some krazy glue (this is an adult job).


9. Let it dry and then decorate your fridge or mirror or wherever... with your silly magnetic monster! 


I am totally stoked to try this again tomorrow with my little guy. We have some friends coming over for dinner tomorrow night... maybe their 4, 5, and 8 year old would want to try this too? I definitely think you can do this with kids ages 3+... though with the littler kids, make sure they are supervised!! I would not put it past my little guy to put a magnet in his mouth... since not too long ago he stuck a plastic fork prong up his nose. Crazy!

K, those of you who are magnetic painting aficionados out there... share your links to your magnetic painting posts.  Just copy them into the comments. I'd love to check them out!!!

Thanks again to Craftprojectideas for these crafty tools. My husband thanks you too... we now have a few less baby food jar containers falling out of our silverware drawer.

I'll add the pics of my son's monster creations tomorrow. They are bound to be so much cooler than my attempt above.

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