Friday, September 30, 2011

Literacy Twist: Guest Post by Hands on: as we grow

I am excited to have Jamie from Hands on: as we grow as our guest blogger today! She was one of the fabulous five bloggers mentioned on our Sunday Blog Share last week! I love Jamie's blog because she keeps it simple and focuses on creative ways to be active. She is also a great example to me of a mom who has lots of fun with her kids! One of my favorite posts by Jamie is her play collection called 30 Moves for Excess Energy! Also, don't forget to check out my post today over at Hands on: as we grow... we swapped blogs! I shared some simple tips  about embedding language learning in play.

Welcome Jamie!

Hello Toddler Approved readers! So nice to be invited over here to post about literacy. In all honesty, I'm not educated to know much about how to teach it. So we play or find ways to learn how to read, or write, or just learn language! 

I know Kristina has lots of fun activities to learn from, I think that's where we have a lot in common. She seems to have a moving preschooler as well, and finds activities for him to do that suit him best - and get him moving. 

I recently set up a string scavenger hunt for Henry to learn the letters of his name. It was fun to get him moving and get him excited about the letters as well.

But today, I have something else in store for you. Not really a game, but a unique twist that we've found to be fun and educational at the same time, all right before bedtime.

Reading books is an all-time favorite in this house.
We read books upon books at night before bedtime.

Lately, we've started to change things up a bit.
Henry reads me the story, too!

Sometimes we take turns, I read a book, then he reads a book.

The 'stories' he tells me from the pictures could be written down for an entirely different book!

I've found that with books that he already knows, he recites them almost word for word.

However, with books that we checkout from the library (and I've only read to him a handful of times) his stories become more interesting. 

I challenge all of you Toddler Approved fans, to let your child have a go at reading a book tonight at bedtime. Tell us about it on our Facebook pages - Hands on : as we grow or Toddler Approved! 

I can't wait to see what your kids are 'reading' to you and their versions of the stories!


Jamie @ hands on : as we growI’m Jamie, a stay at home mom, with two boys that are completely full of energy. I write at hands on : as we grow about activities and art that I do with the boys, with lots of them being ways to use that energy to our advantage. I love to sneak in learning opportunities during their play and try my best at focusing on the process of a project, instead of the end goal.   

Thanks Jamie! I'll be letting my little guy do the reading at naptime today! :)

Have a great weekend everyone... and remember, we are hosting a Fall Giveaway! We're sharing our favorite Halloween books and some crafty goodness. Check out this post for details. The giveaway closes on Sunday, October 2nd at midnight. Don't miss out!


  1. I love the progress we're making in reading - J is just 2 and he's memorised some books but makes up stories based on the pictures as well which can be interesting at times.

  2. I always teach children that the pictures tell a part of the story that either the words don't tell you or add to the story and they love it. My favorite book that is the best example of this is "Something from Nothing" (I'm sorry I don't have the authors name handy). This is about a grandfather who made a blanket for his grandson and as he outgrows it the grandfather makes something new from it. Bits and pieces fall through the floor boards at the bottom of the page are pictures showing mice that use those scraps.


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