Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY: Mommy and Me Groups

For those who have children that may be a little too young for preschool and are hesitant to be left without you (or if you're a mom like me who is hesitant to leave her child) - a "Mommy and Me" group is a great way to promote learning, enhance creativity, and teach social skills in a controlled and safe environment.  While some groups are primarily play based, I've enjoyed (and felt my children have benefited most) being a part of groups that have a specific theme or plan for each time we meet. 

Lucky for us, there are many talented and creative people out in "blog land" who are willing to share their ideas and resources to help us.  Below are three examples of "Mommy and Me" formats:

Danielle is a former kindergarten teacher, who took that experience (along with her experience of being a mom of 3 children) and created a Mommy and Me Book Club.

"We are a co-op of moms who meet together once a week to have fun! We read stories, do art, play games, sing songs, and of course, eat yummy snacks. All based around the central theme of our Book of the Week." [from Mommy and Me Book Club Website]
What I LOVE about this website is that Danielle gives very specific instructions on how to format the group as well as weekly lesson plans and tips on how to make the class successful.

We've been long time fans of Jean and her "Artful Parent" blog.  She will often post the fun projects she facilitates in her Toddler Art Group.   
This is a new to me blog.  The blog author, Erin, is a mom and musician who created Music With Friends when it became difficult for her to find a pre-school music class that fit her needs and was affordable.  She outlines a weekly lesson plan and has put together a playlist to go along with the first unit (which does involve a minimal fee - yet you have permission to copy on CD up to 7 times for the other group members).

Have you ever been part of/created a "Mommy and Me Group"?  Do you know of any other blogs out there that focus on this?


  1. I'll be hosting a "Toddler and Me Play Time" group starting next month. I won't lie and say I'm a bit apprehensive. My specialty is with 3-5 year olds, not 1-2 yr olds! I hope I will be able to offer enough activities to keep them happy (and of course the parents!) :)

  2. That sounds fabulous! I can't wait to hear how it goes. -Kristina

  3. Thank you for featuring our Mommy and Me Book Club!


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