Thursday, September 15, 2011

Color Scavenger Hunt

After reading about Deborah's "state of the art outdoor playscape" at her preschool yesterday, I was inspired to get off the beaten path a bit and out of our backyard and off into nature a bit more... before it gets too chilly here. We headed over to a local open space with some walking trails and brought with us this handy color scavenger hunt sheet from Hands on: As We Grow.

Our little fireman was ready to beat down any fires in the hot dry open space... should any decide to start.

We learned about snakes and how we don't touch rattlesnakes. We've been talking about the Letter S lately and singing a silly "sissy snake" song from our Challenger preschool curriculum, so the boys were hoping to see some actual snakes. I was not!

I love Jamie's scavenger hunt sheet because it has colors to look for and objects/animals. The boys each chose a color and then hunted for their colored objects. My favorite moment was when my son's little buddy said, "We can work together to hunt for our colors!" and then they both tried to find a big dirt pile (which wasn't too hard!).

They used the sheet to check the colors and see if they were right.

Getting out in nature always reminds me that nature walks/hikes are SUCH great experiences and foster so many opportunities for spontaneous conversation and vocabulary building!

We also did a Creepy Crawlies Scavenger hunt last summer that I love. You can find the link here.

Having a task to do while you are exploring makes hiking so much more fun!

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