Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Playtime- Silly Stackers

Another activity my little one and I have been loving playing lately is silly stackers. 

We grab our cleaned out/empty play-doh containers and a basket of Little People and start stacking! We each have a specialty- I stack, she knocks em down!

I love to stack a bunch of animals on the play-doh containers and tell her all of the animal sounds and animal names. Then I watch to see which one she knocks down. Once one has been pummeled... I make that animal sound and get super excited! She thinks it is hysterical. Today she was in love with the sheep... and kept knocking it down again and again. She must love the way I say, "baaa!" ;)

I think babies are a lot smarter than they let on sometimes... so I tried to tell her which animal to knock down... and about 75% of the time, she hit the one I told her to... no clue if it was a coincidence... but I think it is never too early to work on listening comprehension, right? :)

Knocking down these silly containers is also great for hand-eye coordination... and so fun because they make a loud sound when they fall on the wood floor. 

Hooray for baby playtime!


  1. Ah the simple pleasures of knocking things down! Toddlers really do get a kick out of this! :)

  2. We looks knocking things over!


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