Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Vintage" Blocks

Am I the only person on the planet who still owns an operating VCR?  While it is rare that we will actually watch a video tape - my daughter discovered that they double as some pretty fun blocks.
My son, on the other hand, discovered that they make a pretty obnoxious sound when they are knocked over.  I love observing how children find such different and imaginative uses for everyday objects.  What are some unique discoveries that your children have made? 


  1. This is cute. We own a VCR and use it still. I love that it only has 5 buttons which are so easy to work out!You cant go wrong with play, stop, ffd, rwd, eject!
    How I love old technology! x

  2. SO clever! just shared on fb, twitter, and pinterest.

  3. Oh dear. VCR? We don't even own one of those old fashioned DVD players any more! All tv/movies is via the PVR or downloaded or streamed. Can't remember the last time we owned a VCR but I think it was well over 10 years ago now. I like the block idea. Big dominos would be good too.


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