Friday, August 26, 2011

Tuffet Bouncing

We are learning about Little Miss Muffet... so we gathered our tuffets (tuffets are large, hard cushions... but we just used pillows :)). We put the tuffets on our carpet where we have lots of space.

Then we bounced on them again and again while we said today's nursery rhyme.

Then we wrote out a few of the key words onto painter's tape, drew little pictures next to them (most are terrible), and then we stuck the words on the pillows.

We took turns saying the nursery rhyme... leaving blanks: "Little Miss ____________..." "Eating her ________ and whey." The person who was Little Miss Muffet that time had to go find the missing word (Muffet/curds) and bounce on the pillows with those words on them.

My little guy loved it when I was "it" and he got to say the rhyme and I had to run around bouncing on the pillows and finding the words. This game was exhausting! It was definitely a good way to tire us both out!

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