Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Snip and Punch Jack and Jill Pail

Today we're reading the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill... so we needed a pail! 

This activity worked on two of my little guy's current favorite skills- punching and snipping.

Materials Needed: dixie cup, paint, paintbrush, colored paper, kid scissors, hold puncher, and pipe cleaner.

1. Paint the outside of your dixie cup

2. Let it dry.

3. Punch a hole in each side of your cup.

4. Thread the pipe cleaner through each hole and make a loop at the top like a pail handle. Twist the ends so that they wrap around the handle and stay in place.

5. Have your little one snip some colored paper to make grass and stick it in the cup. We made a hill inside our pail ;)

We talked about the words we'd read in the rhyme while we created. This project helped him to make connections between the words he read/heard and the tangible objects.

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