Friday, August 12, 2011

Shoe Painting

You know you really want to try it too.

We used a big piece of cardboard as our base and then used a roll of paper to cover it up. We stuck the paper on with painters tape.

Materials Needed: Paint, paint palettes (paper plates), old shoes (I love running shoes because they make cool sole textures), and your paper covered surface (or just a big piece of paper).

I recommend doing this activity outside if you can.

Dunk the shoes in the paint... and start creating!

My little guy liked to paint Jackson Pollock style and splatter it everywhere! His sound effects were, "WHAP!"

Two shoes at the same time is even cooler.

You could also put the shoes on and walk through the paint and then walk onto the paper.

Our next shoe painting endeavor is going to be Shirts with Sole.

Other shoe ideas?

This activity is great for working on the following skills:

- color mixing
- color names
- talking about shapes
- talking about textures
- gross motor skills (arms get a workout as you whap!)
- creating patterns and designs
- learning shoe vocabulary (sole, laces, heel, etc.)

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  1. That looks like so much fun! What a different way to paint that will bring children's attention in! Than you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase


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