Friday, August 19, 2011

Shaving Cream Letters

We attempted to try out this shaving cream activity today that we found at Confessions of a Homeschooler.

I think I need a 1:1 training session in how to make these work. We squeeze the shaving cream into the bags, added drops of food coloring, and mixed and mixed the colors! I think I added too much shaving cream though because when we tried to squeeze the air out of the bags, tons of shaving cream came out too!  

It was pretty funny... but made it hard for us to write on some of the bags.

I think next time we'll use less shaving cream and hopefully it will work better. Either way, the color mixing was fun (I loved this post about shaving cream color mixing from No Time for Flashcards)... and our attempts to make shapes and write letters definitely kept the morning entertaining.

I totally thought my 3.5 yr old was beyond eating shaving cream... but I was wrong! I scooped some out of the bag with a plastic spoon and he totally tried to take a lick. Ew! I am definitely glad we didn't do this on a tabletop without the plastic bags.

If you're an expert ziploc bag shaving cream maker... pass along any tips :) I usually avoid messy activities like this, but I am trying to be a little more flexible. Maybe next time I'll even let my little guy make this rainbow shaving cream paint from Meet the Dubiens?


  1. I just recently had a friend tell me that they tried this with the exact same result :) My thinking is that shave cream has too much water in it so it will come out of the bag easily. I love this idea though just for the sensory play aspect. I used hair gel and food color instead but not too much - just about 1/4 cup per baggie.

    My students love just finger painting in Shave Cream! They will sit and finger paint in it for a very long time:)

  2. I use these at school and put Hair gel in them. I fill them half full with hair gel and a couple drops of food coloring. Then I put my hand across the bag to hold back the gel and zip loc the bag. I leave a itty bitty corner open for a little bit so i can push all the air out and then I close and flatten the bag...spread out the gel and write on it...the kids have loved it.

  3. I have been using the cheap barbesol to fill the bags. It worked great. I pretended I was filling the bags with frosting and then zipped them up. I also used the quart sized freezer bag to do this, it might have made it a bit easier. It was a ton of fun, though! Good Luck!

  4. Love this idea!!! Another neat way to practice writing letters. :)

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