Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camp Mom: Car Camp

To wrap up our "Things that Go" Camp Mom themed week, we had some friends over for Car Camp. My friend Liz, who writes the adorable Made on Maple sewing blog, brought her kiddos over (including her darling newborn) for some fun.

We started off the day painting with cars. We used different sizes and colors of paper.

Then it was time for a car wash! I swear these guys only wanted to paint so that they could wash their cars again and again. :)

Next we took a break outside and rode cars. We have tons of ride-on toys, but this one tends to be the favorite. I like to take turns riding on it too ;) We had an impromptu discussion about car safety, why we wear helmets, and learned about taking turns (important when kids turn 16 and want to drive mom's car all the time :)), using reverse, and steering. All great skills, right?  

Next it was time for a snack and a Car Camp treat. We tried out these swiss roll cars from Makes and Takes. They were so yummy that most kids barely finished putting their's together. My favorite treat creation the kids made up while we were playing were pretzel marshmallow popsicles (pretzel stick + mini marshmallow on top). 

After snack time, we did balloon boat races. Liz and I mostly blew up the balloons and the kids watched, because these balloon boats are better for older kids. They had fun trying though... and then later filled up the balloons with water during outside water play time.

We took a break from car projects for fun in the sprinkler and baby pool. Liz and I lounged on the grass while the kids ran around and splashed each other.

We ended the day by creating sandpaper printed car t-shirts.

Car Camp was a blast! After our guests went home and my kids went to their rooms for quiet time or naps... I had my own Car Camp snack. :)

I think we need to make camp with friends and regular activity!

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  1. I totally like when kids playing. I appreciate your efforts for sharing this article.


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