Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bored or boring?

I was chatting with a new friend the other day and she asked me, "What do you do when your child comes to you during a playdate and says he and his friend are bored?" We had just been discussing how I'd been an elementary school teacher for practically a decade... and I guess she thought I might have some ideas?

This is the thought that immediately came to mind ;)

The quote was ingrained from somewhere. :)

But seriously, it was a really good question.

My kids aren't at that point yet... although my son has heard the phrase "I'm bored" from people and likes to say it occasionally... he doesn't know what it means really and he is never bored.

Anyways, I thought back to when I was little and my twin sister and I and our friend Kathy would be bored. We'd sit around for a few minutes being bored... and then we'd whip out some paper and rip it up and grab pens and write down any idea we could possibly think of. Each slip of paper got an idea. We'd then stuff the paper into a bowl and then randomly draw an idea out. Sometimes we all liked it... sometimes we decided to pick again... but it was a great way to come up with an idea.

Of course with the internet and so many fun ideas floating around these days, I don't know how it would be possible to be bored (I feel like I never have enough time to be bored)... but I think it is still a problem... so we'll be making one of these Bored Jars sometime soon. Not just for the little guy, but for me. Sometimes mom is bored... or at least has boring ideas... and needs an infusion of new ones.

I love these cute Board Jars and Bored Boards I found on Pinterest. Click on the links to go and read the posts. They are great.

What are your "go to" activities when your child is bored? Or when you are bored? (Other than anything with a screen)

I'd love to add them to my "I'm bored" list.

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