Thursday, August 18, 2011

Boing! Boing!

This morning we put a little BOING! into our painting by creating springs and other fun shapes with floral wire.

Materials Needed: floral wire (we probably used 4-5 wires), tempura paint, and paper. Simple!

There are no real directions, this was purely an exploration activity. I let my little guy experiment with different shapes. We learned that it was easier to paint with shapes that were compact... versus the larger shapes he made at the beginning.

We made spirals and spun them around. Wire painting reminded me a little bit of spin art when we did that.

Then we wrapped the wire around our fingers into coils and tried making springs. These were really fun to bounce around...

especially if you make "boing! boing!" sound effects while you are painting.

This painting activity lent itself to talking a lot about shapes and lines and sounds.

I love painting activities like this that are opened ended and have no "right way." This was definitely Toddler Approved. :) We'll be throwing it into our rotation of simple semi-supervised art activities. It definitely pays to clean out cupboards sometimes. I have found so many random items (like floral wire we used to make these) that can be used for exploration.


  1. Cute! I have some little springs that I wasn't sure what to do I do! :) Thanks for linking to my linky party!!

  2. I love it! What a wonderful creative activity. I can't wait to give it a try. =)


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