Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strong Man

One of the digital books we've been reading on vacation this week is Strong StickFiggy by Jane Marshall.

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Strong Stickfig...

The first time we applied Strong StickFiggy to real life was on Tuesday when we were trudging from the baggage claim to the rental car counter (across three streets and down two very long halls)... and my little guy said, "I'm Strong Andrew, like the guy in our book."   

(PS- the picture below lies... it is from a different trip with my husband along... during our "Strong Andrew" moment, we had two ginormous bags, two carseats, an overly stuffed kid backpack, super full diaper bag, a double jogging stroller and NO husband help... good thing super hero Strong Andrew saved the day)

Strong Andrew pulled his big bag all the way from the rental car counter to where the rental car was parked... a long ways a way! Sometimes it doesn't pay to go with the cheap company. ;)

Whenever he got tired I would say, "Wow! I'm so impressed! I think you are stronger than Strong StickFiggy... you must be Super Andrew." Flattery goes a long way with tired 3 yr olds at our house. I think I have a baggage helper for life now.

Some of our other favorite posts that go along with reading Strong StickFiggy are posted below.

Do you have a favorite activity that turns your child into a super hero?

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  1. OMG Andrew's quote is just too precious! <3 it!


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