Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ed Emberly's Drawing Books

My daughter has expressed a great interest in drawing and copying drawings lately, so I was excited to try one of Ed Emberly's drawing books with her. 

The first step is perhaps the best part - using the stamp pad to make multiple fingerprints on a page.  We found that mommy's fingerprints worked best because they allowed enough room for a beginner to draw inside of them.  [And if you're wondering why my daughter is wearing water wings in this picture, it is because she dresses herself in pool attire as soon as she wakes up so that she'll be ready in a moments notice.]

The book gives simple step by step instructions on how to make each of the characters.  I only had to give a few limited instructions before she was off choosing pictures and drawing them on her own.

I thought her spider and pirate turned out pretty well!

This would be a great gift, coupled with a stamp pad and some fine tipped pens for a budding artist.  Check out some of his other drawing books and website which includes thumbprint samples and activities

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