Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dino Sandpaper Printing

We saw this awesome sandpaper t-shirt printing idea over at Alphamom... and decided we want to try it with some dinosaurs that we're making for another project. We made it a little simpler... perfect for preschoolers.

Materials Needed: iron, two towels (ones you don't care much about), crayons, drawing (with or without paint already on it), and sandpaper.

1. We started off by painting our dinosaurs with dot markers (template here).

2. Next we colored all over a piece of sandpaper with crayons. You need to press hard and try and keep the amount of color even as you are drawing.

3. After that, we placed the sandpaper (crayon side down) onto our drawing and covered it with a towel.

4. We ironed it for about 20-30 seconds...

5. Then we lifted off the towel and sandpaper... and voila! The crayon color transferred! My little guy was so excited!

So we did it again and again

For our next coloring attempt, we used a bigger piece of sandpaper to cover the whole dinosaur.

It worked even better.

I think we (maybe just me?) are a little obsessed with this technique now. I am excited to try printing on a few other things.

Stay tuned for the other dinosaur project we were working on today. My little guy is mostly excited because it involves a VOLCANO with hot lava! :)

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