Friday, July 29, 2011

Counting Dino Plates!

This is a simple dinosaur themed clothespin exercise that also helps the little ones practice one-to-one correspondence and counting skills.

Materials Needed: lots of clothespins, colored cardstock, scissors, and a copy of our number dino template.

Directions: Print out the dinos onto cardstock, cut them into strips (shown below), and then start clipping those clothespins! If the dino has a one on it, attach one clothespin. If the dino has an eight on it... attached eight clothespins!

When I'm working with my little guy, I work on one card at a time and put the other ones out of sight... otherwise it can get too overwhelming. As he gets more focused and/or proficient, I can put out a few cards at a time and have him do this as an independent project. Since the cardstock is pretty flimsy once you start clipping 10+ clothespins on it... you can always trace these onto foam board or use stickers instead of clothespins. Pulling stickers off the paper and sticking them to things is also a great skill to work on strengthening those little finger muscles!

Skills that are worked on in this activity include...

- number recognition up to 12
- counting to 12
- one-to-one correspondence to 12
- improving aim and grasp skills by clipping clothespins to a particular spot
- improving hand strength and stability

I also posted a blank template since our numbered template only goes up to 12. If you want to make your own that goes higher, download the blank version

Older Kids: You could also write number sentences on the dinos for older kids (3+4 =) and then have them clip the correct number of clothespins onto the dino to complete the number sentence!

Now off to finish up the volcano game I promised my little guy I would have ready for tomorrow! It is tough working for such a demanding boss ;) His enthusiasm alone is worth the lost sleep. 


  1. Hello!
    I love this idea and actually went to print them out... sadly the template didn't work for me - when I tried to print it just gave me a bunch of text, no dinosaur outlines! Don't know if it's just me but thought you'd want to check it out. Wonderful post!

    1. Thanks for your note. I just downloaded them to my computer and had no troubles. That is so weird. If you want to email me I can send you the file directly.

    2. Hi there. The same thing is happening here, just getting a bunch of text too. Would really love this resource if I could only just print it out! Will just add, I love your activities and ideas.

    3. Anonymous, just shoot me an email at toddlerapproved at gmail dot com and I can send you the pdf file


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