Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camp Mom: Down by the Banks!

Our next summer trip is to Clearlake, CA (a place my husband visited a lot when he was a little boy!). In the spirit of our upcoming trip, we'll be learning about the animals that live in lakes and ponds this week (and a little bit of next week) for Camp Mom! We may also come up with some activities that would fun to do at the lake. 

Do you have any favorite pond or lake themed activities?

Here are a few that I've found that I love and might need to try out:

The Pre-Kinders Pond Unit is wonderful! I love the pattern block printables!

I also love this Pond Sensory Table idea...

Source: via Kristina on Pinterest

And I think we'll be whipping out our Model Magic storage to make some pond scenes.

Camp Mom is back in session tomorrow! If you're on Toddler Approved's Facebook page... then you know I said we'd be in session today... but instead of catching up from vacation and doing laundry, cleaning, and our scheduled fun pond activities today, we went grocery shopping, made smore's ice cream sandwiches, and played with all of the toys that felt abandoned all weekend when we were gone. :)

See you back tomorrow!

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  1. Wayyyy back in 2006, my kids and I caught some tadpoles. We put them in a tiny plastic aquarium and watched them turn into frogs. Turned out to be quite a science lesson not only for them, but for me too. Here is the blog post. Sorry for the tiny print. My blog theme was different then.


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