Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp Mom: Dino Mobile

We worked on this dino mobile in bits and pieces all weekend long. We cleaned out our garage on Saturday and found a bunch of extra kid hangers... so we needed to find something to do with a few of them. 

I'm sure there are simpler ways to do this, but we had fun experimenting with a few new textured art ideas... so ours took a little longer.

Materials Needed: hanger, yarn, colored paper, scissors, double-sided tape, dot markers, crayons, Dinosaur template, lava template, volcano template (or make your own), sandpaper, iron, scrap cloth, and hole puncher... I hope that was everything? :)

1. Trace the volcano template onto brown paper. Cut both of them out.

2. Trace the lava templates onto colored paper and cut them out. We did two different types of lava so that we could layer them.

3. Grab your hanger and cut some yarn to hang on the hanger.

4. Tape the volcano pieces to the hanger.

5. Add the front of the volcano with tape.

6. Paint the lava.

7. We added some shiny texture to our red lava by gluing some strips of shiny ribbon onto it.

8. Let dry.

9. Tape or glue the lava onto the volcano.

10. Download the dino templates and start painting them with dot markers. You can check out our sandpaper printing technique that we tried here.


11. Cut out the dinosaurs.

11. Attach them to some background paper or just leave them plain. Then hole punch the top of the dinos.

12. Tie the dinosaurs to the yarn hanging from the volcano.

Now you have a little dinosaur scene mobile. My little guy likes to pretend like the lava is going to get the dinosaurs!!

Another favorite book we picked up recently is How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. It is so cute and silly.

We've also been reading Dino2News by Arlen Cohn. It is a puppet book... so my little guy loves helping me read it.

I think we're going to go hunt for dinosaur eggs later today... unless the lava gets us.  :)

Happy Monday!

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