Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp Mom: Dino Eggs Are Hatching!

Our materials can occasionally be limited because one of my goals for Camp Mom is to only use what we have around the house and not spend extra money. This goal also requires us to think a little more creatively sometimes... 

When we were playing with play-doh this morning I was thinking about dinosaur eggs and wishing we had some plastic cheap dinosaurs. Since we don't have any... I did the next best thing... I drew a few on some pieces of foam. :) They looked pretty terrible, but my son knew what they were (and that's all that matters).

After I drew the dinos and cut them out, we grabbed our play-doh and wrapped up the dinos in their eggs! (Cause that's totally how dino eggs are created, right? ;))

We worked on rolling and pinching and tried to make each egg oval shaped.

Some eggs were big, some eggs were small... and some had dinos trying to sneak out of them :)

Our next job was to make the dinosaurs hatch!

It was like Christmas! My little guy was AMAZED (even though he put them inside the eggs and knew they were in there)... He was still so excited!

Play-doh dino eggs are even better than regular eggs too... because once the dinos hatch, you can stick them back inside the play-doh, roll them up, and have them hatch again!

We had so much fun playing this morning!

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  1. So happy I found your blog! Lots of great ideas!

  2. K I just made some dino's like yours ready to try them in the morning. :)


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