Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camp Mom: Dino and Volcano Videos!

My son is really excited about volcanoes and dinosaurs thanks to our theme for this week. I thought I'd share a few of our favorite videos. Some of the videos are completely annoying... but now they are stuck in our heads forever... like this first one.

This video by National Geographic is also a good one (depending on your child's attention span)

This underwater volcano experiment is on our "To do" list tomorrow. Today we watched it over and over again.

I swear we actually left our house and didn't spend the whole day watching videos :)

We also tried out a new-to-us Melissa and Doug paint with water book. I was really excited about it... but the paintbrush was pretty thin and didn't hold enough water, so my little guy got so frustrated! You know a painting session isn't going well when the artist throws the paintbrush across the room!

I somehow thought that the pages already had color on them and that they'd just come to life and turn colorful with just water. Instead, each page has a watercolor palate on it that can be cut off and then used. The idea is great but we might just have to wait until my little guy is more patient!

I did love the variety of painting pages in the book... especially since two of them were dinosaur themed!

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