Monday, July 11, 2011

5-A-Day-Books Challenge- July 11th

The kids and I are traveling this week, so I am streamlining our suitcases... and unfortunately we don't get to take too many actual books along with us. Instead, this week we're going to delve into the world of digital books for our 5-A-Day-Books-Challenge! I've heard about Memetales from a few blogs, so we're trying it out this week.

Strong StickFiggy by Jane Marshall has simple illustrations and is action packed. I have a feeling we'll be standing up and acting out the pictures as we read them all week long.

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Strong Stickfig...
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The Froggert of Boggert is silly and goes along well with our "Down by the Banks" Camp Mom theme.

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The Froggert of...
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We'll try out Parts of My Body with the baby... and see if we can keep her attention.

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Parts Of My Body
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Hullabaloo by Claire Bircher- I've only read through it once or twice so far. My little guy is going to love the word "Hullabaloo" and all of the loud sounds that are made in this book. I feel a bit like the mother in the story... sometimes I give myself a time out from the noise too. :)

Somi the Astronaut by Krishna is about a boy who builds a rocket. I am pretty sure my little guy will want to try out several of the rocket crafts that are linked to this book on Memetales.

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Somi the Astron...
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Are you a digital book fan? For yourself? For your kids? For your students? I finally downloaded my first digital book to my phone a month or two ago and I am loving it! I am always trying to sneak away with my phone to read a few more pages in my current book.

If you're a Memetales fan... what is your favorite story? I have only checked out a few so far.

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  1. What a great idea to go digital for your travels! Inspired


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