Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pebble Flag Painting

We're starting to deck out our house for summer... and we're sticking to a 4th of July theme for the kitchen for the next month or two... so we needed some flags to spruce up our art bulletin board. Our flower vase is full of little pebbles, so we decided to steal some and make a little pebble painting.

Materials Needed: paper, pencil, blue and white cardstock, pebbles (two), glue or tape, scissors, and red & white paint

1. Lightly draw a flag on white paper with a pencil.

2. Cut a rectangle out of blue paper. Let your little one do some snipping to make the edges fray a little (and just allow for some snipping practice- we are still working on holding scissors correctly! My little guy hasn't figured out if he is a lefty or a righty yet).

3. Glue or tape rectangle to the top left corner of your white cardstock.

4. Grab your pebble, dip it in white paint, and start making pebble stars! :)

5. Next, dip another pebble in red paint and start painting the stripes. Practice staying inside the lines. There are little dots (finger tips) and big dots (pebbles). 

6. Let it dry and display!!

Words we discussed while we painted: dots, circles, bumps, globs,  small/little/big/huge, stars, stripes, lines, rectangles, and color words (white, red, blue). We also talked about staying inside certain spaces, painting on top of certain colors, snipping around the blue paper, and a few other directional type words. 

You can find a few of our other favorite Fourth of July flag projects here.

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