Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Patriotic Painting with Plastic


We decided to use some different than usual objects for painting... and attempted to make some patriotic pictures, since the 4th of July is fast approaching.

Materials Needed: straws and other plastic items, colored paper, red, white, and blue paint, scissors, pebbles, paper plate for your palate.

Straws (with the ends cut) and plastic from our diet coke bottles are the perfect painting tools when you're bored of the regular paintbrush or sponge. It always feels good to reuse pieces of plastic before we recycle them :)

We started off by dipping the straws into the paint and making different designs.

Then we drenched the plastic diet coke holding rings with paint (what are these called anyway? my brain is blanking)... and tried stamping with them.

We squished and mushed and slammed our hands down and had an all around awesome good time.

Then of course the best painting tool ever (hands!) became the tool of choice :)

We loved the masterpiece he created on his hands.

After we goofed around for awhile, we attempted to use the materials to make our own version of a 4th of July flag. The plastic rings were dipped in red paint (to make "stripes") and then we used pebbles and straws to make the blue dots ("stars").

All in all, the whole process was full of experimentation and fun... and a super messy too!

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