Monday, June 27, 2011

Magic Painting

I am always looking for good gifting ideas for birthday parties that aren't too expensive. During our crafting time this morning, my little guy reminded me about this painting book that we bought a few months ago. We whipped it back out and had a grand old time!

Klutz makes so many fun books. This one called Magic Painting reminds me of the Color Wonder marker books, but with painting instead. The only place the paint goes is on the paper :) We also love the texture of the pages and the activities embedded inside (making a mask, little picture frames, etc.)

If you're heading to a party for a 3-4+ yr old artist sometime soon, this would be a fun gift!

Our goal for our next painting session is to work on making less brown :)

Do you have any favorite gifts for little artists? Pass them along!

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