Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth of July Favorites

I've collected FIVE of my favorite Fourth of July projects or activities that we've done and have posted them below. Several others are catalogued on my Toddler Approved Pinterest board. My two favorites are our little toddler guest posts from last July (#1 and #3). You can click on the links below to find the activities... if you haven't tried them out yet!

1. Patriotic Footprint Flags

2. Fingerprint and Textured Flag

3. Patriotic Colors

4. Toddler Firework Poetry

5. Red, White, and Blue Ball Painting

What is your favorite Fourth of July project you've done this year?


  1. I saved all of these on my pinterest too:) I love them all!

  2. Love the pool red, white & blue idea! Makes a great first 4th of July portrait!


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