Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CAN you paint?

This afternoon we were doing an oceans painting project (that I'll share tomorrow) and my little guy kept making huge blobs with the puffy paint. I started getting annoyed because it seemed wasteful to me. After all, the blobs would take forever to dry, looked ugly in my mind, and paint can be expensive, so I didn't want to waste it! (I am such a terrible mom sometimes!)

Little man had more of a vision than I did. He pointed at a can of beans that we'd used to crush some crackers and said, "I want to use that." I let him go for it... and loved the results!

He kept adding more dots/blobs of paints.

Then we got a bigger piece of paper because we were having so much fun. I did the yellow squiggly (could you tell?) and the little guy did the rest.

I felt giddy the whole time. It was like using a roller brush, but so much cooler. The texture that the can left on the paint was awesome. The grooves that looked like little tree branches or plant veins were beautiful.

My little guy was pretty proud of himself for taking our art session in a completely different direction... a much more creative one.

Once we were done, we rolled the can all over a giant white piece of drawing paper to get the rest of the residue off of it... I think we might try and make one of these can drums (once it dries and I've dumped out the contents into a tupperware to put in the fridge).

Hooray for accidental masterpieces!!


  1. I think Little Man read my mind! Painting with tin cans was our plan for the day :) Glad to know it looks neat and your guy liked it! Good luck making the drums! They're super easy!

  2. Love this idea! Always looking for new ways to paint. Will be using this one for our summer camp as well! Good for you following his lead.

  3. Stopping by from I can teach my child. Cute idea.

  4. I love it. Looks like lots of messy fun!

  5. Love love the idea of using cans to roll in paint!! wonderful photos! Thanks for the post!

  6. That looks like so much fun! My toddlers would love this- we've done ball painting in coffee cans so this would give them another way to use the cans. They still talk about that project so I think this would be a hit.

  7. Oh, my 2's and 3's would love this! Thank you!

  8. I will have to save some of my cans to do this activity!

    Stopping from the Kid Bloggers Hop!

  9. Looks like so much fun but will I regret doing it with 11 preschoolers? Toooo much fun? We'll see. I'm ready for an adventure. :)

    Ducks ‘n a Row

    1. You can totally do it, just have them work together. This is a fun can painting teamwork activity that I love too from Teach Preschool


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