Monday, June 27, 2011

Camp Mom: Skyscrapers and Fireworks!

One of my son's favorite songs is Simple by Phish. The song mentions skyscrapers, so whenever he sees a big building he asks if it is a skyscraper. My uncle recently passed away and we are headed to Seattle next weekend for a memorial service. In addition to attending the memorial and spending time with family, we will head into Seattle for the 4th of July... where there are lots of skyscrapers! This week as part of Camp Mom we're going to be getting prepped for the trip by doing some creative projects focused on skyscrapers and fireworks- since we'll be seeing both in Seattle.  

We spent almost every summer growing up going to Seattle and my sister and I had a poster of the Seattle Space Needle on our wall for many years. Today my little guy and I made our own city at night fireworks picture after checking out a few inspiring views of Seattle at night.

Materials Needed: glue, strips of black or dark colored paper, background paper (my son wanted blue), red/white/blue paint, and some tools for painting fireworks (we used popsicle sticks and clothespins)

1. Practice arranging your buildings. Talk about size, shape, angles, etc.

2. Glue the buildings on.

3. Grab your paint and do some fireworks in the sky using your variety of tools.

4. Add some lights to your buildings... since people are probably inside of them watching the fireworks show :)

5. Let dry!

My little guy prefaced this activity by reminding us that fireworks are "very dangerous!" Since he's obsessed with firemen right now, he's heard a lot about never playing with fireworks. We are trying to help him understand the difference between controlled fire (stove top cooking food) versus a dangerous fire (forest fire).

This fireworks show at the Space Needle was fun to watch once we were done creating. I am so excited to watch the fireworks this year!


  1. Have a great time in Seattle, my home town. It looks like we might have sunny weather for a change!

    You probably have a favorite fireworks viewing spot, but if you want a suggestion, Wallingford Avenue North is closed the evening of the 4th. You have to walk several blocks to find parking and see well, but its a lot less crowded than going to a park, and the view is great.

    Enjoy the fireworks!

  2. hey dude you should make a popsicle stick space needle that would be legit. It would probably be the sickess thing ive ever seen


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