Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camp Mom: Skyscraper playtime!

Today was all about building skyscrapers!! We used wooden blocks, couch pillows, and cardboard bricks... and boy did we have fun!

It is amazing all of the concepts you can teach as you build skyscrapers!
Bigger/smaller, arranging objects by size, shapes, colors, etc. You can also embed all sorts of physical activities... we did somersaults on the fallen buildings, crawled around inside the skyscrapers, jumped from building to building, and ran and crashed into the pillows... just to name a few.

Midway through our activity we watched Bob the Builder: Skyscrapers on Netflix Play Instantly (Man, I love technology!). The show taught us about building foundations and making sure that the buildings were wide enough so they didn't fall over. We also learned all about the tools used to make skyscrapers... so afterwards, my little guy got out his tools and we got back to work!

If I'm organized enough tomorrow, we'll be learning about some of the world's most famous skyscrapers. In the meantime, I think today we made a few of our own that would definitely stand out if they were hanging out in a city nearby!

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