Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camp Mom: Puffy Paint Ocean

We took a few of our favorite ocean animals and built an ocean scene for them yesterday. Our favorite part was that we can feel the parts of the ocean because we used puffy paint to add some texture.

Materials Needed: can, crackers, plastic bag (ziploc), large sheet of blue foam, green and blue puffy paint, glue, and ocean animal stickers.

1. If you have sand, you can totally use it... we didn't, so we crushed up some Ritz crackers using a can. You could also use rice or any number of other things for the sand. We liked the crushed crackers because the texture was very similar to that of sand.

2. Add some glue to the bottom of the foam sheet.

3. Sprinkle on the crackers.

4. Add some puffy paint water texture.

5. Draw a kelp forest with green puffy paint.

6. Let everything dry. We had to let if dry overnight because some of my son's blobs were kind of big.

7. Add your ocean animal stickers. Talk about where each ocean animal would live. (For example, the sea star might stick to the rocks or corral at the bottom of the ocean).

8. Display your masterpiece!!

Words we talked about during this activity included: puffy, crunchy, squish, crush, bumpy, blog, thin, fat, kelp, bottom, top, middle, side.

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