Monday, June 20, 2011

5-A-Day-Books Challenge- June 20th

Each week this post just reminds me that we need more books!! :) We definitely will be heading to the library to get a few of these books this week.

Since Camp Mom is Ocean themed this week and my son's gymnastic camp is Beach bonfire themed... we thought we'd choose a few books about the ocean and the beach... and two about daddies (since last weekend was Father's Day). Here are our choices for this week:

1. Daddy Cuddles by Anne Gutman

My daughter "gave" this book to my husband for Father's Day. It is a book that they can read together. We have a few other books from Anne Gutman and like the colorful illustrations and simple text. We have several mommy/daughter or mommy/son books... so it is nice to have a father/child book in our library now!

2. Octopus Opposites by Stella Blackstone and Stephanie Bauer

This is a book a picked up over the weekend after I flipper through it at the bookstore and fell in love with the illustrations! The sea urchin was created with paint sample strips... or at least looks like it was. Each page is beautiful and the majority of the opposites are great. I would change a few or add some emotion opposites in place of a few of them, but overall, we love this book!

3. The Daddy Book by Todd Parr

This book is very simple and we love that it talks about dad! The pictures are engaging and very simple. The message is sweet and I like that it explains that dads all have different roles.

4. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

One of my students with autism loved this book and read it many many times each day, so I love it too. I especially love the shimmery cover... and so do little hands. I am a fan of the original book, not the shortened board book. There is some controversy over the message of this book, but I like to focus on the simple message of the importance of being humble and sharing.

5. Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck

I have not read this book yet, but have read several good reviews... so we're going to try and find this one at the library this week. Wish us luck! Our library is a bit disappointing and is very unorganized... I may need to head to the next town over!

I would love to hear your favorite ocean or beach themed books if you have any!

We'll be adding our post to this week's The Imagination Tree's 5-A-Day Books Challenge link up. I love the Eric Carle theme over there this week in honor of his birthday :)

5 a day books

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