Thursday, May 19, 2011

Seed Sorting and Identification

We're planting a square foot garden and I wanted to find fun ways to involve my daughter.  Prior to planting our seeds we came up with this "seed to plant" identification game.

We first took one (or two (or more - carrot seeds are so small)) seed out of the packet and described what it looked like (shape, texture, smell, size).  We looked at the picture on the packet and talked about what the seed would become and how it would change. 

Next, I placed each seed packet into a clear plastic cup (with a small white piece of paper at the bottom of the cup, to make it easier to see the seed) and had her try to match the seed with the corresponding cup.  She enjoyed this so much that we continued playing until we used all of the seeds in the packets. 

We finished by sorting the seeds by size.

When it came time to plant the seeds I felt like she had such a better understanding of (and anticipation for) what would happen to the seed by playing this simple game first.

What ways do you involve your child/get them excited about gardening?

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