Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rockets Galore!

I just wanted to do a follow up of our rocket shape collages that we made yesterday with my son's little class. They were a BIG hit!

The class was mostly 3 yr olds. I had 10 kids and led the craft alone, so I tried only having 2-3 kids at a time...but some of them got so excited and wanted to get started... so eventually I had 8 kids working all at the same time. Not ideal, but once they got the gluing done, all of them could use stickers and markers independently... so it wasn't really a big deal.

Notes from the activity:

- I covered each paper with a good amount of glue so that the kids could stick the rocket parts on themselves. When I was working with 2-3 kids, they each got to squeeze their own glue on. I just monitored them to make sure they didn't put too much.

- If our classroom had had glue sticks, we would've used those... but I forgot to bring mine from home. Oops!

- While kids waited for help or glue, we sang "Zoom zoom zoom" (our rocket song).

- I had sparkly jewels that we stuck on the rockets as their "start" buttons. Those were their absolute favorite things!

- They also LOVED the tin foil. I love how anything sparkly or shiny is an automatic hit with little kids.

- Next time I will have the kids draw planets and stars on their background papers first... just to expand the activity and foster conversation about more things. The kids loved talking about the different parts of the rockets, the colors that they were using, and the shapes that they saw.

A few other favorite rocket craft ideas that we've loved are...

Paper towel roll foil rocket

Firework Candy Rocket Pops

Recycled Rocket craft from No Time for Flashcards

Do you have any favorite rocket crafts??

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