Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainbow Messes!

I am totally not a finger painting sorta mom. I loved letting the students go crazy in my classroom (since I wasn't the only one cleaning up), but at my house I sometimes limit the sensory experiences because of the mess. Terrible, I know... but I would rather not turn into a psycho mean mom if the kids make a mess on the floor or furniture. Since it has been kind of chilly, we've been stuck inside for projects lately... so they have been more structured and less messy... until this one. :)

We made rainbow pudding popsicles yesterday... which meant we had some leftover little bits of rainbow pudding stuck to our bowls... so we HAD to do some pudding painting.

We got out all of my favorite cool cooking tools- pasta cutters, spatulas, etc. and let the little guy decorate his waxed paper (I was going to use actual paper, but my little guy is so rough sometimes that I was worried he would rip through the paper with his little fingers. The wax paper was nice and durable).

I also taped the paper down so that it didn't move around.

We talked about lines, shapes, textures, and even made sounds while we painted. Eventually he started decorating himself with the "paint" (he loved using the measuring spoon as a stamp)

And then of course the activity ended with lots of licking and eating his masterpiece :) Forgive me for all of the pictures... but I just loved all of his different expressions during this awesome sensory experience.

When we held up his paper to the window, it was fun to see the sun shine through it and see the colors come out more vibrantly. He loved telling me about the colors he saw, lines he drew, and colors he mixed.

Unfortunately, what I saw, and what the camera saw... were two different things... so this picture doesn't really reflect his masterpiece.

Definitely a great activity. I'm kinda glad I waited to do it until he was a little older... I would not have been excited about him doing this when he was 18 months old... unless we were doing it in the bathtub!

This is such an oldie, but goodie activity though and it is also one of those activities that never gets old and can be fun in different ways each time kids do it (at every different age).

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