Monday, May 16, 2011

Popcorn People

These were hysterical! 

Materials Needed: a big bowl of popcorn, paper plates, Elmer's glue, some crazy face features (I just found some on Google images and printed them off onto cardstock)

1. Cut up your crazy face pieces (noses, ears, eyes, mouthes, etc.). You can go as detailed you want... I was working with a small attention span crowd, so eyes and mouthes were what they were most interested in.

2. Glue on the crazy face pieces... while your snackin away on some popcorn.

3. Add a bunch of glue to the top of the plate for hair... and start gluing popcorn on as well.

Make sure to emphasize that we ONLY eat popcorn from the bowl and not popcorn that is gluey and stuck on the paper plates.

4. Have everyone give their popcorn person a name :)

5. If you feel like it (or they are still loving their plates)... you can use these as masks and have them do some pretend play...

This was one of our first activities during our letter P day at playgroup. It was a hit!

Language Skills that were embedded in this activity included the the following skills:

- practicing using gender-specific pronouns (if the kids named their popcorn person) and possessive pronouns
- requesting items using adjectives such as size, shape, and color (I purposely held the materials for the facial features so that the kids could work on making requests)
- working on expansion of phrases/short sentences/ideas
- using polite language and behavior (thank you, please, turn taking, sharing materials, waiting turns)

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