Monday, May 16, 2011

Pasta Painting... and a few other letter P related activities

You could either paint with pasta or paint your pasta... both would work great for a letter P day :) 

The kids thought pasta painting was...

First, we glued pasta onto pieces of cardstock. Each child got the first letter in their name to personalize.  

Then we let the letters dry and made popcorn people (while eating an insane amount of popcorn).

Next we whipped out the dot markers and colored our pasta pictures. Some kids also added pom poms (another great P related craft item :)).

After pasta painting... we played...

Musical Pillows! (scatter pillows all over the floor, turn on music, dance around and march on the pillows, turn off the music and everyone has to find a pillow to plop down on!)

With little guys, I don't do elimination games where someone is "out!" They have a hard enough time making sure that they each are just on their own pillow. I turned it into a candy walk after awhile and they got a fruit snack when the music stopped if they could tell me something about their pillow (shape, size, color, etc.).

After musical pillows, we used our net and went outside for a
Pine cone hunt!

Then we took the pine cones and gave one to each child and tried to shoot/throw the pine cones through the holes in our soccer goal net. It was totally fun and was a great way to practice throwing and aiming!

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