Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom Project: Oodles of Opposites File Folder

File Folders aren't anything new, but I like making them to practice basic concepts. 

We've been talking about opposites a lot, so I decided to make this one to add to our collection.

The opposites file folder materials could also be used to just play a simple matching or memory game (without the file folder).

I left the inside of the file folder blank and will add velcro pieces once it is laminated... so that all the pieces can be stuck to the white squares easily and can be moved around easily too. 

When we were ready to match, I stuck one set of opposites to the folder and then spread the matching set out nearby. Then we got started figuring out which ones went together.

The concepts taught in this set are:


I'll probably continue to add more as we master these ones. I didn't want to overwhelm my little guy... so we started with just six matches.

You can download the free pdf for this file folder here at Scribd.

File folder games are quick and easy to make, easy to store, and great for building independent skills. They are also great for practicing all sorts of concepts. I like to play them along with my son so that we can practice language skills (describing things, directional concepts, differences/similarities, learning new vocabulary).

No Mom Project can happen without a treat (or Mom Project Reward)... so I may or may not have eaten two of these Double Chocolate Magnum Bars. :) If you haven't had one lately... it is time. When I lived in Spain for a summer I had at least one every day. They are amazing.

If you end up downloading the file folder materials, please leave a comment. If you do something more interesting with the materials, I'd love to hear about it.

The Foot Book: Dr. Seuss's Wacky Book of Opposites is one of our favorite opposites books... along with Go Dog Go. They are perfect to read along with this matching activity!


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  1. I downloaded the game and can't wait to print it off once we get back home. We're sorta living out of a hotel right now...long story. Anyway, Thanks so much for sharing! I'll probably blog about it when we get it made, with appropriate links of course ;)


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