Monday, May 2, 2011

Kid-Made Mother's Day Subway Art

If your name is Grandma Julie... stop reading now :)

I'm actually still deciding if I like this project enough to use it as a Mother's Day present, but I thought I'd share the idea anyway, because I think it was a fun one to work on together with my son.

First, my little guy and I brainstormed favorite words that describe his grandma. We'll also talked about some of his favorite things to do with her... and favorite things she gives him. We also added all the names of the grandkids.

Next I typed up the words on the computer and we choose 3-4 fonts that we stuck with.

After that, we cut out the words and I cut a piece of white cardstock to make it 5X7.

Next, we mapped out where we wanted to put each word. We also had chosen a few random clipart pictures to add (hearts & a cookie jar). I helped my little guy with this so that we had varying angles/directions for words. It was like doing a little puzzle.

After we'd decided on positioning, we taped the words using double-sided tape to the 5X7 piece of cardstock.

The last thing we made was a colorful piece of paper to mount our art on. We chose Grandma's favorite colors (pink & green... though the green mostly got dominated by the pink) and sponge painted an 8X10 piece of cardstock.

After everything dried, we put it inside an 8X10 frame.

We love that the project is personalized with my little guy's favorite ways he likes to spend time with Grandma!

Have you tried something like this before? What did you do differently?

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  1. this looks like a great cute idea!

  2. I like it! It's a nice Mother's Day gift!

  3. I'm gonna make this next year!!

  4. So clever! Had to share it:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love this idea!


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